Happy Type II Diabetes Thursday!    October 30 2013


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1000m row
3 rounds:
15 push jerk (135/95)
10 burpees

Happy Type II Diabetes Thursday!

We know, we know  Those CrossFit coaches just take this whole “no sugar” thing WAY too seriously.  Can’t we just let everyone enjoy their Halloween!?  Sure, dress up to your heart’s desire!  But think twice before pounding the sugar!

Need a little help to avoid the candy this Halloween?  Check out this great link on Why Sugar is Worse than Darth Vader!

And don’t forget to pick-up your lost and found today!

Missing an item of clothing?  Need a last minute Halloween costume?  Stop by the lost and found!

Missing an item of clothing? Need a last minute Halloween costume? Stop by the lost and found!


  • Killer

    I just wrote a blog post on the Switch Witch…a good solution for the kiddo’s candy.


  • Jamie Dawson

    Great idea. The Great Pumpkin comes to our house to do the same thing, which melds nicely with the Charlie Brown cartoon. But by ages 8 & 10 they see right through it and try to hoard candy. In the past, our kids have been pretty good about surrendering most of it. We’ll see how it goes this year.

  • Jamie Dawson

    As an aside, today can be a little easier as far as candy than other holidays. The amount of candy overwhelms everyone. But if you let your guard down, Easter, Valentines Day, random birthday parties, all can give your kid more sugar than Halloween. It’s a constant issue, not annual one.

  • Guest

    Every year, my kids collect a single bucket of candy. Funny thing is, this bucket usually lasts through the whole year – I’m literally just now throwing out the last of 2012’s candy from their baskets. I attribute this to the fact that my kids don’t find things like sugary cereals, pop-tarts, soda, hot pockets, lunchables, chips, etc. in our house very often. These guys are used to eating healthy things on a regular basis, and treating anything else as it should be – an occasional treat. And Halloween is one of the days where they get treats. They eat about 10 bite-size pieces on Halloween night (less than a normal chocolate bar), and the rest lasts the whole year. They honestly do better than me, with my sugar and sugary-creamer filled “coffee” every other day. I think as parents, we need to be better about teaching our kids about moderation as opposed to just teching them that sugar is pure evil.

    (P.S. Jamie, I totally agree! Days at their friends’ houses are far worse than Halloween!)

  • Nicole S

    Moderation is a good message in general but for some people sugar really is pure evil. My poor kids inherit my family’s tendency toward insulin resistance so we teach them that eating sugar in any form is one of the worst things they can do to their bodies. We can’t keep them from ever eating sugar especially as they get older, but we hope that by explaining why it affects us more than some people and why we have to be especially wary of sugar, they’ll eventually be able to understand and observe for themselves why it’s pure evil given our genetics. For us, teaching our kids about the pitfalls of sugar falls in the same category as teaching kids about the pitfalls of binge drinking or using drugs if you have addiction histories in your family. It’s not just about teaching them to moderate sugar, but making them aware that any sugar can quickly lead them down a bad road from which it may be difficult to return. On days like today when sugary goodness is everywhere, we all truly envy those of you who can eat sugar in moderation!