Why I’m Doing the CrossFit Open, Part 3 – Raf    February 19 2014


Odd: 4 Push Press
Even: 4 Back Squats

Raf is IN for the Open.

Raf is IN for the Open.

Why I’m Doing the CrossFit Open, Part 3 – Raf

Last year I went into the open not knowing what to expect.

13.1 – I have to snatch 135 lbs!? I could barely do 100 lbs (I ended up PRing with 120lbs during practice).
13.2 – I could not film because the Serbian gym I was working out at would not allow filming. (I still did the workout).
13.3 – I can’t do a muscle up (I wasn’t even able to get through the double-unders in time to attempt muscle ups). Lot’s of failure.
Why sign up again?
Because competition makes me find out more about myself. How much can I lift? How hard can I really go? What am I willing to do? The Open gives you the environment to find these things out while being cheered on by all your teammates.
That’s why I am doing the Open again.

  • http://twitter.com/gaard Sam Gaard

    Shoutout Raf!

    Everyone should sign up for the open. It’s on Fridays this year!

  • Trisha Krystman

    spotted, the castro shoes.