Movin’ On Up!    March 17 2014


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3 rounds for time:
2 rope climbs
5 rounds:
5 ring dips
15 air squats

Roots moves up from 5th to 4th in week 3.

Roots moves up from 5th to 4th in week 3.

Movin’ On Up!

Team Roots moved up from 5th to 4th in Week 3 of the CrossFit Open!  A big congratulations to Roots athletes Chad Schroeder and Gretchen Rech who scored for the Roots team for the first time this season!

This Week’s Team Score Contributions:

Two more weeks of the Open!  Who’s excited!?

  • Odie

    Seriously….I’m amazed at what our team is doing this year! You guys are absolutely rockin’ it! And to our individual ladies in the hunt for regionals….truly inspiring to watch you guys crush the open. Two more weeks, and I’ll have to start planning my trip to Salt Lake! Woohoo! Go Roots.