Newsletter Comes Out Tomorrow    August 1 2010


6 rounds:
15 KB swings (24/16)
15 box jumps, touch and go 
15 push-ups

Tracie and Tom visited CrossFit Copenhagen. They had a great time and loved the company. Maybe a Roots team trip is in order?

August Newsletter

The August Newsletter comes out tomorrow.  Be sure to read this extra special edition loaded with information you don’t want to miss, such as:
– Back-to-School Happy Hour
– August Foundations Course
– Parent/Kid Workout
– The Total Days of Summer (2 chances to do the CF Total!)
– Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser
– A bio on our newest addition to the Roots staff, Shane
– An update on the renovation

  • D2

    Hi. What’s the weight of the yellow KB? Maybe that’s on the website somewhere. Txs!

  • Fraser

    Paleo / Gluten Free has gone mainstream. How do I know this ? Sunday night, I am cruising the periphery of my favorite natural food store. NO PASTURE RAISED EGGS. (still none today either) followed up by NO COCONUT BUTTER. The other day I asked for Kelp noodles and was informed several folks had asked for them but they didnt have any. Today I read Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding (she’s vegan) bread and choc chip cookies in the welcome bags we gluten free. Ok, stop shopping on Sunday’s I need to cook for the week. Cheers, Fraser.

  • Fraser

    Meant to include gluten free Wedding Cake, too.

  • Julia Uhlendorf

    Where is the newsletter posted?