Ski Season!    September 14 2010


Tie a five-pound plate to hang an honest 18″ above your tiptoe reach and complete 5 rounds for time of:
50 Jump and touch
40 Squats
30 Sit-ups
20 Push-ups
10 Pull-ups

Ever heard Ryan describe how to approach the bar for a heavy lift? It's a description all of its own and so valuable in setting the stage for a successful lift.

Season Passes

Ok folks it’s that time of year again!  Passes are on sale now.  So, who’s getting a pass and to where?  Don’t forget to post how you play on the mountain too (ski, board, xc, skate)!  Post to comments.


  • RootsGirl

    We’re going with Eldora this year. Skate skiing! And occasionally I will entertain the mountain with my snowboarding skills;)

  • Jasmine

    We’re giving the Copper/Winter Park pass a shot this season (did the Colorado Pass last season). We thought we’d take advantage of the 2-for-1 Well Fargo Super Pass promotion for university staff, faculty and students. So, I’m going in with another friend at CU for the 2-for 1 deal, and Brian’s getting the same pass (no fun if we can’t shred together).

    snowboarding all the way!

  • Bones

    Rocky Mtn SuperPass+ (Winter Park/Copper/Steamboat). Ski fast, ski bumps, ski powder (if we get some this year), ski bumps, and a little AT skiing in the Never Summer Range and Anthracite Range. Gotta love winter.

  • Chris Craighill

    I’ll be snowboarding through the trees with my Colorado Pass! I’ll definitely use all 10 Vail days, and probably get to Breck, A-Basin and Keystone a few times each.

  • Cara Hinshaw

    I’m getting the Epic Pass again – it’s epic! Unlimited skiing at Vail/Beaver Creek/A Basin/Breck/Keystone… I’ll also probably get the 5-day Aspen/Snowmass pass – can’t have too many passes! I will mostly be alpine skiing, though also trying to improve on teles (and 400 m of walking lunges yesterday was a great start for tele season :).

  • Olivia

    Winter park/copper represent!

  • Nick

    Eldora. Skate, tele, maybe even snowboard a bit!

  • Lawrence

    I’ll be drinking beer and sitting in the hot tub. You don’t need a season pass for that.

  • Christy

    Got the Copper/Winter Park/ Steamboat pass, but now I’m wondering if I should grab a 7 day Epic pass or a “buddy pass” so that I can get some days in at Vail/Beaver Creek too. Gonna shred the nar. (not really… I love the trees!)

  • Allison

    I will be backcountry tele skiing in search of untracked powder, and probably doing lots of laps at ABasin and Loveland. Can’t wait!

  • Scott G

    No pass — i’ll be paying cash for whatever day(s) I go. It will be certainly less than 5 but hopefully more than 0. Although we may get Elden in a few days at Eldora… he’s on the brink of being old enough for some ski fun.

  • Tracy

    Eldora for sure!! Skate skiin’ and snowboardin! Yeeiah!

  • Mike

    I will be joining Allison in the backcountry hiking for my turns this year. Definitely be up at Berthoud, Loveland, and the BEACH!

  • Chris D

    While in Devil’s Thumb Ranch this summer, I broke down and purchased a skate ski package!!! I hope to get back Devils Thumb this winter and hit Eldora as well.

    Anyone up for night skate skiing?

    Last year a few friends and I did some night skate skiing in Eldora with headlamps … it was a blast. I hope to do a few session this year as well.

  • Paul

    Eldora weekday pass (Fri PM 1/2 day)and weekend backcountry — both on tele. I’d be up for night skiing. Do they still do the Night Hawks Series – racing under the lights?

    Yes! Chect it out:

    I’m in. Chris? Anyone…anyone else?

  • Chris D

    we poached the night skate skiing… thus the headlamps. The darkness makes it a bit more adventurous….. but I guess I could pay for it once in a while :-)

  • Stephanie Baltz

    If I get a pass, it would be to Eldora… not to sound like an Eldora poster child, but I can’t stand driving long distances in bad traffic to ski. It would be fun to make some nordic laps as well. And, I would love to hit the backcountry on my teles (good thing we are hitting the legs so hard at the shop – ouch!).

  • Molly Molter

    I’ll be in the hot tub with Lawrence! Also using my snow shoes because you don’t need a pass for that either.