And the WTF Challenge Winners are…    November 22 2010


Snatch one rep every minute on the minute for 15 minutes

Yesterday’s workout was 30 squat clean and jerks for time.  We’re not sure what happened to the post.  It literally disappeared from our site and from the internet around 11:00am.


WTF Challenge Winner from CrossFit Roots on Vimeo.

The Winners of the WTF Challenge are…

Allison and Lori!


  • TYD

    J-Ro looks ready to join AC/DC.

  • Mollly

    haha I agree TYD! I love the air guitar, J-Ro!

  • Emily

    A little birdie told me that J. Ro is going to get on stage at the next Hell’s Belles concert and rock her air guitar.

  • RootsGirl

    Thanks 11:30 class for helping us give Allison the great news! Fun stuff!

  • Gretchem

    Fun video – way to deliver the news Roots crew! Congrats to all the WTF winners and participants. Have a great Holiday.

  • TYD

    Congrats Allison and Lori! Good work on the WTF!

  • Allison

    Thanks Shane, Nicole and Zac for your support and encouragement along the way! Yay Me!

    I ate pretty crappy on Sunday, and did not feel good, so I went right back to my WTF ways on Monday (although, I’m adding some beer and chocolate to the mix once in a while).

  • Olivia

    Congrats girls on winning the challenge !

  • Jasmine

    congratulations allison and lori!

  • Lori T.

    Wow! Funny, after the challenge I was not concerned about winning, I am just thankful for Roots and the direction and support though out the challenge. I am realizing the real challenge is now, after WTF has ended. It’s up to me to continue to this path I have paved for myself. This Thanksgiving I am giving thanks to the whole community at Roots, y’all kick ass!!!

  • Emily

    Congrats ladies! Nice work.