What is CrossFit? And Who is CrossFit Roots?

On this page you’ll find information on what is CrossFit (the method) and who is CrossFit Roots (the community of athletes).


CrossFit is a back-to-basics, no gimmicks, strength and conditioning fitness program. Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity are the foundation of our program.  Whether you want to do CrossFit for lifelong health and fitness or pursue it as a competitive sport, the same foundation applies.

Ah, what?


Constantly Varied – because the unvaried and predictable is uninspiring, unrewarding, and does not yield continuous improvement.

The focus of each class is the Workout of the Day (WOD).  The WODs involve combinations of body weight exercises (squats, sit-ups, push-ups), elements of gymnastics (pull-ups and handstands), mechanisms of aerobic and anaerobic conditioning (running, rowing, jump roping, and combinations of exercises), the Olympic lifts (the snatch and clean and jerk), and powerlifting (press, squat, deadlift).  We mix this extensive menu of strength and conditioning movements into a program that is scalable for ALL ability levels.

Functional Movements – because weight machines, elipticals, and bosu balls don’t prepare us for what life, career, and sport throw at us

The movements are applicable to real life.  Whether it be in our day to day activities, our careers, or the sports and challenges that drive us, the movements feed your life allowing you to go play outside, take on a new adventure at the drop of a hat, and keep you moving for years to come.  A deadlift is picking a child up off the ground, a press is putting a bike on a roof rack, and a muscle-up develops strength in the butterfly stroke and breaststroke pullout. Transference from the exercises to real life is key.

High Intensity – because efficiency is king

Here in Boulder, many of us cherish our long bike rides and powder days.  For many, these are weekend adventures after life, career, kids, and responsibilities kick in. For others, finding a balance between your passions with time in the gym is challenging. The beauty of CrossFit is its efficiency.  You come in, work hard, and we keep you ready for anything. You give us 3-6 hours of your week and we’ll keep you at a fitness level allowing you to go play outside and tear it up without questioning if you’re ready.



What is Fitness?


In January of 2009 Nicole and Eric turned their one-car garage into a small training space and called it The Garage4150. They found four athletes to train and soon started to hold regular evening workouts at 6pm. Molly and Emily Molter (twins) were their first two athletes. The workouts were similar to what we do at the shop now; however, the weather made for some additional excitement. Ice on the pull-up bars, back squats in parkas and beanies, and “shovel the snow for time” workouts made for a fun and interesting environment.

In June of 2009 Nicole quit her job as a city planner and she and Eric found a designated space for the shop. They found 600 square feet downtown at 8th and Pearl Street. It was at this time that they affiliated with the CrossFit community and became CrossFit Roots.  Four years and 9,400 square feet later CrossFit Roots and its amazing crew of athletes now call 30th and Pearl Street home.

CrossFit Roots currently operates numerous programs in CrossFit, Strength, Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit Endurance, and Erging. We believe in coaching and limit our class sizes to optimize the coaching and instruction.

heart and soul

There are so many things that make CrossFit Roots special. The community of athletes and their families, the training space, the coaches, the environment, and the many many success stories.

Why CrossFit Roots? To us, CrossFit is organic health and fitness. It is pure and back to fitness basics, back to the roots. Trees have roots and trees are strong, they grow, adapt, survive, bloom, reseed, and outlast. This embodies the athletes we want to develop and mold at our shop. CrossFit Roots is a return to the heart of athleticism.

world class coaching

At CrossFit Roots we have coaches. Our coaches and staff are the best at what they do. They hold numerous fitness certifications, including CrossFit Level 1 & 2, USAW, and CSCS, and regularly attend seminars and courses to develop their abilities. We believe that every athlete has untapped human potential and that everyone deserves world class coaching. We are dedicated to our athletes.

the early days

The Garage Days

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