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Yampa Valley Beef Orders! · 29 April 2015

10 rounds of:30 seconds of burpeesRest 30 seconds30 seconds of 45-lb. dumbbell thrustersRest 30 seconds Yampa Valley Beef Orders CrossFit Roots has partnered with Yampa Valley Beef for over five years to offer grass fed beef to members straight from Colorado’s Routt County. See below on how to order, pricing, and delivery dates. WHAT: Stock […]

Sunday Reading – Sugar is to Blame · 25 April 2015

1-rep-max snatch No time cap other than you must finish before class is over. NotesIn this event you will perform a snatch for max load. There is no minimum or maximum number of attempts. Your score will be the heaviest weight you successfully snatch. You may not use plates smaller than 1/2 lb.   Sugar is […]

Zone Meal at The Cup! · 16 April 2015

Backsquat3-3-3-3-3This is a Yearly Benchmark Test! Log your scores! Zone Meal at The Cup! Check it out! Want to make a good breakfast decision while out and about or on the way to work?   At The Cup you can order the Roots-famous “Sausage Paleo” breakfast with half the avocado and GF toast to make […]

Kale Salad with Sweet Potato and Chicken · 5 April 2015

For time:70-lb. dumbbell snatches, 50 reps15-foot rope climbs, 5 ascents70-lb. dumbbell snatches, 40 reps15-foot rope climbs, 4 ascents70-lb. dumbbell snatches, 30 reps15-foot rope climbs, 3 ascents70-lb. dumbbell snatches, 20 reps15-foot rope climbs, 2 ascents70-lb. dumbbell snatches, 10 reps15-foot rope climb, 1 ascent Kale Salad with Sweet Potato and Chicken Here’s a go-to Kale Salad recipe […]

Rethinking Diet – When Will Journalists Catch Up · 3 April 2015

Crain 2 rounds for time of:34 push-ups50-yard sprint34 deadlifts, 135 lb.50-yard sprint34 box jumps, 24-inch box50-yard sprint34 clean and jerks, 95 lb.50-yard sprint34 burpees50-yard sprint34 wall-ball shots, 20-lb. ball50-yard sprint34 pull-ups50-yard sprint Rethinking Diet – When Will Journalists Catch Up If you’re like many of your peers at the gym, your understanding of what constitutes a […]

Food Challenge Starts Monday! · 23 March 2015

Reminder: Food Challenge Chalk Talk is Wednesday at 6pm!Sign-up HERE to bring a side to the 15.5 Friday Night Lights and Barbecue THIS Friday. 10 rounds for time of:205-lb. front squats, 5 reps5 parallette handstand push-ups Food Challenge Starts Monday! Don’t forget – the second and final 2015 Spring Food Challenge Chalk Talk is WEDNESDAY, MARCH […]

Introducing the 2015 Spring Food Challenge · 17 March 2015

4 rounds for time of:50-foot overhead walking lunge, 135 lb.25 GHD sit-ups  Introducing the 2015 Spring Food Challenge Have you been waiting for details on the Spring Food Challenge? The wait is over. The challenge begins in 12 short days. Sign up HERE. The 2015 Spring Food Challenge consists of two main components – Zone and Intermittent Fasting […]

Hello, My Name Is… · 10 March 2015

Pre-Order Your Friday Night Lights dinner HERE. Hang power snatch 3-3-3-3-3 repsthen, Press3-3-3-3-3Post loads to comments. Hello, My Name Is… Yesterday morning at the 5:30am class I saw a longtime athlete at Roots walk over to a brand new athlete in class and introduce herself.  As I watched this happen, I felt like it was […]

Paleo and Zone · 26 January 2015

5 rounds:Run 200m3 rope climb This is the benchmark series workout for the rope climb test.  Log your workout! Paleo and Zone You’ve heard us talk about two methods to get you dialed in to a healthy and sustainable way of eating: Paleo and Zone. Paleo: A way of eating that mimics the way our ancestors […]

PRYL Food Challenge Results · 11 January 2015

Women’s Only free Beginner Class today, Monday January 12th at 10:30am. Women’s Only January On-Ramp Course begins Monday, January 19th Click here to sign-up for one or both. Fran21, 15, 9 thrusters (95/65) pullups PRYL Food Challenge Results In November, a group of Roots athletes embarked on a Paleo journey. The prescription was to eat strict […]