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Lift Heavy Shit Night Countdown: 3 Days · 23 February 2011

Charlie gets his first muscle-up. Roots preps for Lift Heavy Shit Night.

Parkour Video at Roots · 16 September 2010

Roots shows off a video from Apex Movement. Fight Gone Bad.

Ted and Mari Tie the Knot on Saturday! · 24 June 2010

Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:135 pound Overhead squatChest to bar pull-ups A big congratulations to Mari and Ted (both Roots athletes) who will say “I do” and tie the knot this Saturday. As Roots gears up for its one year anniversary we’ll take the next 3 days to look at its […]

Helen · 28 March 2010

Roots does Helen. OPT video of sub 7 minute Helen. Planning ahead lays the groundwork for a solid CrossFit week.

Fly Through · 26 March 2010

5 rounds: 21 thrusters21 double undersIf you are currently unable to do double unders, substitute 7 single-unders for every double under.  That’s right, 7 single unders for every double under.   Day 2 Highlights from the 2010 CrossFit Games Mountain Regionals. Want to see a clip of the sparkliest shoes at the mountain sectionals, a shot of […]

No Pace in Grace · 9 March 2010

Functional movements part 2. Tosh does Grace. Roots does Grace.

No Jerks · 21 January 2010

women of crossfit video. all girls workout. saturday total.

The Bitter Truth · 27 December 2009

Watch Dr. Robert Lustig’s presentation on the impact of sugar on the health of Americans. Split jerk and AMRAP.

Casting Call · 16 December 2009

CrossFit Roots does the 400m lunge workout, picture. Casting call for Foundations Course interview group.

Back Squat Retest · 17 November 2009

CrossFit Roots retests the back squat indicator workout for the Paleo Team Challenge. Video of Urik Vardanian totaling 405kgs.