Curious About CrossFit Roots?

There are so many things that make CrossFit Roots special. The community of athletes and their families, the training space, the coaches, the environment, and the many many success stories. We believe that every athlete has untapped human potential and that everyone deserves world class coaching. We are dedicated to our athletes.

Why CrossFit Roots? To us, CrossFit is organic health and fitness. It is pure and back to fitness basics, back to the Roots. Trees have roots and trees are strong, the grow, adapt, survive, bloom, reseed, and outlast. This embodies the athletes we want to develop and mold at our shop. CrossFit Roots is a return to the heart of athleticism.

We love to talk about CrossFit!

We offer an Introductory Session and Free Class to anyone interested in our program. During this session we talk about CrossFit, discuss how we operate at our shop and membership options, coach you through some of the movements we do in the group class so you get a feel for how we teach, and take you through a short workout. This session is on us.

We offer the Introductory Session throughout the week.

To sign-up for an Introductory Session and Free Class pleaseĀ email