Personal Training

Private training has been shown to accelerate an individual’s progress toward their goals. For individuals who work with a trainer exclusively, many are delighted by the difference in working with a CrossFit-based personal trainer and motivated by the results. At Roots, athletes utilize private sessions exclusively or in combination with regular group class attendance. Many athletes find that a bit of one-on-one attention to address specific weaknesses, such as double-unders, pull-ups, or muscle-ups, further enhances their experience and success in group class workouts.

Schedule and Pricing

Personal Training sessions can be scheduled at times that work for the individual. Sessions range from $60-$125/hour, depending on the trainer selected.

Personal Trainers at Roots

Come find out first-hand the difference in Roots’ Personal Training Services. Our personal trainers are skilled in designing individualized programs for each client and creating a fun and challenging environment.

  • Nicole Christensen ­$125/hour
  • Ryan Landis ­$100/hour
  • Eric Christensen­ $100/hour
  • Shane Upchurch­ $100/hour
  • Ali Minton ­$90/hour
  • Trevor Gibson ­$80/hour
  • Dave Lee ­$80/hour
  • Kirk Warner ­$60/hour
  • Lauren Rubini $80/hour

Read more about each trainer here. Send us a form below to get started! If you have a trainer request, please indicate that in your form.

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