The Roots Competitor Program (RCP) is designed for shop athletes who wish to take their CrossFitting a step beyond general physical fitness. It is designed for those who wish to make CrossFit their sport of choice.  It is made up of individuals who have placed top ten in the Southwest Region, individuals looking to qualify for Regionals for the first time, and those who wish to compete in local CrossFit competitions at a high level.

The program takes a strong general physical preparedness program (shop programming, GPP, i.e. CrossFit) and adds exposure, practice, and repetition to movements and athletic capacities needed for a competition focus.  And of course as with anything CrossFit, you’ll spend more time with strong, supportive, and fun athletes at Roots.

Each training week consists of group class WODs, 4 RCP-specific closed group practices, and 3 30-minute lifting sessions totaling 10 hours of quality training per week.

Many individuals wish to pursue CrossFit training as a sport but decide to go it alone.  This plan overlooks the value and benefit to training quality from training under a coaches eye and with other top quality athletes.  In the RCP athletes receive constant feedback during RCP training hours in proficiency of movements as well as strategies to approach WODs.  This format also allows a constantly evolving program to tailor to athlete’s weaknesses as the year progresses.

While the competitor classes and training group are very fun, it is important to mention that this program demands commitment from the athlete. The entire program has been designed to create competitor caliber athletes and complete dedication is required to reach that level. We expect athletes in the program to show up ready to work and work hard.


Program dues are $40/month.

2010 Southwest Regional – Nicole Christensen, 6th place
2011 MBS Turkey Challenge – 1st place team competition 
2012 MBS Turkey Challenge – 5th
2012 Southwest Regional – Nicole Christensen, 9th place
CrossFit Elevation #1 Competition – 1st
The Benchmark Brawl – 3rd
2013 FRCF Colorado Open – Walker Savidge, 4th, Blaine Guenther, 9th
2013 FRCF Master’s Championship – 3rd (40-44)
2013 Conquer Denver Team Competition – 6th

If you’re interested in taking your CrossFit further and would like more information or have questions email Shane Upchurch.