Olympic Weightlifting Club

Move a heavy load from ground to overhead in the most efficient way possible.

Develop, strengthen, and perfect the snatch and clean & jerk.            

The animal that is Olympic-style weightlifting is a unique one. On one hand, a calm, analytical mind is necessary in digesting the intricacies of complex multi-joint movement patterns. On the other hand, lifting aggressively and with purpose is equally important as a quiet mind. Rarely do such complex movement patterns cross paths with huge weights being lifted overhead. Hence the challenge and beauty of Olympic weightlifting.

Come train under the watchful eye of Roots weightlifting coach Ryan Landis (C.S.C.S.,  USAW, CFL1). Our specialized training is designed to refine proper technique, maximize power and explosiveness and realize potential.  We practice Olympic lifts and their variations and utilize a range of techniques, intensities and mental approaches. We also believe that weightlifting should be fun and practiced in a supportive lifting community. Our Motto: Attack Heavy Weights Fearlessly!

Oly Club is suitable for a variety of athletes including those who want to compete in the sport and those who want to improve two of the fundamental CrossFit movements.

Oly Club is offered in three cycles throughout the year. Each periodized cycle lasts 10-12 weeks and ends with an Olympic Weighlifting Meet Competition that is open to the public (competition is not required, but highly encouraged and a great venue to set PR’s).

Oly Club is available to participants who have completed a Roots Olympic Weightlifting foundations course.  Roots Olympic Foundations is four sessions dedicated to studying and practicing the basic elements of each competitive lift. Olympic Foundations is offered three times times throughout the year. This foundations course is a prerequisite for Olympic lifting class and Oly Club. For details on Olympic Weightlifting foundations read details below.

Olympic Weightlifting Foundations course*: Monday and Thursday from 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM

Oly Club: Monday and Thursday from 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM.  In addition Oly Club members can attend the 6pm Oly for CrossFit class as part of their club membership.

*Completion of Olympic Weightlifting Foundations or equivalent experience is required before registering for Oly Club

2014 Olympic Weightlifting class structure and schedule


Olympic Weightlifting Foundations

Oly Club

Olympic Weightlifting Meet Competition



Jan 13th – April 26

April 26


April 28 – May 8

May 12 – Aug 9

Aug 9 


Aug 11 – Aug 21

Aug 25 – Nov 22

Nov 22 

Olympic Weightlifting Foundations course*: Monday and Thursday from 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM

Oly Club: $240 members ($300 non-members)

CrossFit Roots members sign up online.

Not a CrossFit Roots member? No problem! Email coach Ryan Landis at Ryan@crossfitroots.com or call coach Landis at 303-818-2774