Personal Training

Our private coaching sessions incorporate the same CrossFit exercises and methods found in the group classes but we tailor each session to the individual.

Personal training is the perfect option for athletes who have a specific goal, are returning from an injury, are more comfortable training in a one on one environment, or whose schedules require specific scheduling.  Whether you want to lose weight, work on a specific movement, improve technique, get stronger, or prepare for a sports competition, Private Coaching has been shown to accelerate an athletes progress toward their goals.

At Roots, athletes utilize Personal Coaching exclusively or in combination with regular group class attendance.  Many athletes find that a bit of one-on-one attention to address specific weaknesses, such as double-unders, butterfly pull-ups, or Olympic Lifting, further enhances their experience and success in group class workouts.

Our coaches are talented in their ability to develop a tailored program to each individual athlete based on individual needs and assessment.

Examples of private training sessions or focuses include:

  • A 30-minute session to work on kipping pull-up technique
  • Recurring weekly sessions to lose weight through training and nutrition
  • Four 1-hour sessions to work on Olympic Lifting technique over the course of one month
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Accountability toward a specific physical goal
  • Preparation for a high school or college sport

We offer Private Coaching in a one-on-one or two-on-one environment.  Many individuals have a friend or training buddy that they would enjoy working with.  Private Coaching fees start at $80 per hour session.