Women’s Only Program



Have you always wanted to try CrossFit but aren’t sure where to start, find the environment intimidating or feel the need to “get in shape” first? Have you tried boot camps but didn’t get the results you wanted? Or maybe, you were once a badass athlete whose priorities have shifted to starting a family or focusing on your career. Whatever your reason, don’t let it hold you back any longer. We adamantly believe that everyone can do CrossFit. Our Women’s Only Program provides a welcoming and inclusive environment for women of all ages and abilities to experience the empowerment of CrossFit and explore their athletic potential.

No prior CrossFit experience is necessary to get started. Athletes are required to complete a Women’s Only On-Ramp course prior to entering the program. Please note that the Women’s Only On-Ramp and membership does not provide access to other group classes or programs at Roots.


CrossFitRoots Women's Only

A complete program in as few as 3 hours per week. We take the guesswork out of planning your training. Classes meet at the same time everyday so there is no uncertainty around when you are going to workout. Additionally, athletes do not have to pick and choose what they need or worry about having missed specific components in their program. The structure ensures diversity in types of workouts, muscle groups, and metabolic pathways. This is not watered-down CrossFit. Same movements, same intensity, same attention to technique.

Consistency also allows more individualized coaching and athlete development. Seeing the same group of athletes 3+ times per week allows the coach to learn strengths and weaknesses of individuals, movement issues, scaling needs, and how to best challenge and motivate each athlete. In turn, athletes form bonds with one another through the process of facing challenges and overcoming obstacles. Periodic bonus sessions to address educational offerings, movement clinics, “ask a coach” sessions and social outings are also included.

The foundation of this program is to provide an encouraging environment and supportive coaching to allow women to take risks and push limits. No intimidation…just inspiration from fellow women athletes.


Alicia Deadlift

Women’s Only Classes currently meet at 9:30 am Monday – Friday.  We have two membership options:

Basic Membership: up to 3x/week for $150/month (you choose any 3 days M-F)
Expanded Membership: up to 5x/week and Open Shop privileges for $175/month

An On-Ramp* course is required to join the program.

Try a Class: Join us on Monday, January 12th at 10:30 am for a Free Women’s Only class to see what our program is all about. Click here to sign-up.

On-Ramp: The next Women’s Only On-Ramp course starts Monday, January 19th @ 10:30 am.  It meets M-W-F @ 10:30 am for two weeks. The cost is $150 and spaces are limited. Click here to sign-up.

If you’d like to get started sooner, or the group times do not work for you, please contact Coach Ali Minton to set up a private On-Ramp course which can be scheduled at your convenience. The course is 3, 1-hour private training sessions, plus 3 Women’s Only group classes to be completed in the week after the last private session. Interested in starting with a friend? Contact Ali for group rates.

*Please note that completion of the On-Ramp provides access to the Women’s Only program but does not grant access to any group classes outside of this program.

Still have questions? Email Coach Ali Minton and we will help you out. Don’t let intimidation hold you back any longer. Become the athlete you want to be.