Women’s Only Program

Have you always wanted to try CrossFit but aren’t sure where to start, find the environment intimidating or feel the need to “get in shape” first? Have you tried boot camps but didn’t get the results you wanted? Or maybe, you were once a badass athlete whose priorities have shifted to starting a family or focusing on your career. Whatever your reason, don’t let it hold you back any longer. We adamantly believe that everyone can do CrossFit and that it is essential to women’s training and fitness. Our Women’s Only Program provides a welcoming and inclusive environment for women of all ages and abilities to experience the empowerment of CrossFit and explore their athletic potential.


  • A comprehensive women’s fitness program in as little as 3 hours per weekCrossFitRoots Alicia Deadlift
  • Classes meet weekdays at 9:30 am
  • No prior CrossFit experience necessary
  • 100% real CrossFit in a chick’s only, judgement free environment
  • Small group personal training experience
  • Diverse and varied workouts
  • A 30 minute mobility class every Thursday from 9:30-10:00 am
  • Coached by Ali Minton, Certified CrossFit Trainer (CF-L3).  Read Ali’s bio HERE.


  • Encouraging and supportive coaching keeps you consistently challenged and motivated
  • Small group environment allows for individualized attention
  • Consistency in meeting times eliminates the guesswork around fitting in your workout and keeps you working out year round
  • Tight knit community that fosters support and inspiration from fellow women athletes both in and outside the gym
  • No intimidation – we are accommodating to women of all fitness levels and abilities
  • Focus is on the mastery of proper technique and mechanics before intensity
  • Real results – burn fat, gain lean muscle & get the body you’ve always wanted


  • Up to 5 group classes per week, two monthly membership options availableCrossFitRoots Women's Only
  • Social events inside and outside of the gym
  • Holiday workouts on select holidays throughout the year
  • 30 minutes of dedicated mobility every Thursday
  • Nutritional support


  • General warm up to get the heart pumping and the body moving
  • Specific warm up to get ready for that day’s movements
  • Workout of the Day, ranges from 5 min to 30+, typically about 15 minutes
  • Mobility – stretching, using foam rollers, et.


  • Try a class! Contact Ali to set up a Free Class and Intro Session.
  • Take an On-Ramp* course to learn the foundational movements of CrossFit. Group On-Ramp courses are offered periodically throughout the year. Dates and times will be updated here when they are available.
  • If you’d like to get started sooner, or the group times do not work for you, please contact Coach Ali Minton to set up a private On-Ramp course which can be scheduled at your convenience.  The course is 3, 1-hour private training sessions, plus one week of Women’s Only group classes. Interested in starting with a friend?  Contact Ali for group rates.

*Please note that completion of the On-Ramp provides access to the Women’s Only program but does not grant access to any group classes outside of this program.


  • Basic Membership: up to 3x/week for $150/month (you choose any 3 days M-F)
  • Expanded Membership: up to 5x/week and Open Shop privileges for $175/month
  • Please note that Women’s Only Membership does not provide access to any other classes or programs at CrossFit Roots

Questions? Email Coach Ali Minton. Don’t let intimidation hold you back any longer. Become the athlete you want to be.

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