In teams of 2, complete 3 rounds of:
Run 400m/AMRAP clean & jerk (155/105) – in 5:00min
Run 400m/AMRAP T-2-B – in 5:00min

Workout clarification – you and your partner will run 400 meters.  With the time remaining in that interval (5:00) accumulate as many clean & jerks as a team (one barbell per team, same loading for both partners). During the second interval, accumulate as many toes-to-bar as possible. The next interval begins as soon as the previous interval has ended. Continue in this fashion for 30:00 minutes. Only one team member may accumulate AMRAP reps at a time.  You may not start your AMRAP work until BOTH team members have returned from the 400m run.

Essay Contest Winners Announced Here Tomorrow.

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