In teams of 2:
100 box jumps, 24/20 (up and overs)
75 goblet squats (32/24)
50 C&J (135/95)
Perform 5 KB swings every minute on the minute, each partner, one after another. One KB per team.  Only one partner can be working at a time.

Roots athletes turned in a solid string of workouts at the shop this past week. Good job.

The Last Diet You Will Ever Need.

“No wonder 68 percent of Americans are overweight. No wonder that from 1960 to today obesity rates have risen from 13 percent to 36 percent and soon will reach 42 percent. Over the last decade the rate of pre-diabetes or diabetes in teenagers has risen from 9 percent to 23 percent.”

Thanks to G’Pa Mojo for passing along this article!  He even took the time to pull some quotes he like and they are pasted below.  This was a great read!  Thanks for sharing.

The Last Diet You Will Ever Need.

– Now less than 3 percent of our agricultural land is used to grow fruits and vegetables, which should make up 80 percent of our diet.
– Today there are not even enough fruits and vegetables in this country to allow all Americans to follow the government guidelines to eat five to nine servings a day.
– The best advice is to avoid foods with health claims on the label, or better yet avoid foods with labels in the first place.
– MSG is used to create fat mice so researchers can study obesity. MSG is an excito-toxin that stimulates your brain to eat uncontrollably. When fed to mice, they pig out and get fat. It is in 80 percent of processed foods and mostly disguised as “natural flavorings.”
– When you eat empty industrial food with addictive chemicals and sugar, your body craves more, looking for nutrients in a dead food where none are to be found. Yet after eating nutrient dense fresh food for a few days the biological addiction to industrial food is broken, and in a few more days your cells begin to rejuvenate and you heal from the inside out.
– And the side effects are all good ones: effortless weight loss, reversal of high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, clearing of brain fog, lifting of depression and fatigue and even better skin, hair and nails.
Did this article strike a new cord for you on your food journey or was it just another reminder of how fucked up the US’s approach to food really is?  Post to comments – either about the article or the fact that we wrote the word fuck on our blog – twice.