Run 3K

Are you ready for 13.3?

Are you ready for 13.3?

One More Day.

Yesterday we sent out an email with updates and details regarding the epic night at Roots that is fast approaching.  Be sure to check your email inbox!  If you did not receive it, email us and we’ll pass it along!

Remember that ALL classes tomorrow at Roots are moved to the park!  We will have workouts at North Boulder Park at 6, 7, 8, 9am, and 12pm.  Thank you for your understanding and don’t miss out.  Park workouts are a blast!

Be in the know for today’s run!  Check out the map and route below: 

Check out the run route here.

Here is a point by point description:
1. Head out the Goose Creek Path
2. Take a left on the path when you hit Foothills Parkway (continuing on the path)
3. At the intersection of Valmont and Foothills Parkway, turn left.
4. At the intersection of Valmont and 30th, turn left and head back toward the shop.
5. Turn into the shop parking lot and run around the building and finish all the way back at the front door.
6. Soak it up!