For time:
45 thursters (95/65)
45 pull-ups

Bob and the rest of the CrossFit Endurance crew at Chautauqua on Wednesday.

Bob and the rest of the CrossFit Endurance crew at Chautauqua on Wednesday.

Congrats Bob!

Congratulations Bob!

This weekend, one of our own ventured out for an early season test run of his racing legs. Make no mistake, Bob Africa has been a bad ass trail runner and ultra distance competitor for quite some time. He is certainly no stranger to racing but his training this time around was radically different. After years of logging untold hours and miles on the trail, Bob became a CrossFit Endurance convert. He started CFE last June and has not missed a session since. We have watched Bob humbly address his running technique flaws and struggle through kipping pullups and snatches. He listened when we suggested taking a little weight off the bar and trying to move a little faster. And when we suggested that he dig just a little bit deeper for that last 400M repeat, Bob found another gear.

So how did all this business of less volume, higher intensity work in Bob’s debut? He finished 5th overall in the Fruita marathon, 1st in the “old guy division” (his words, not mine), and took 5 minutes off his time from when he was 10 years younger. Not bad for a Master’s athlete who has not run more than 13 miles since last November. Even better, he says he felt fantastic and his last 6 miles were as fast as his first 6 miles.

I’m impressed.

Congratulations Bob. Hopefully this is the start to your best race season yet. The CrossFit Endurance crew and your Roots family are proud to have you in our ranks. And the coaching staff appreciates your willingness to trust us that higher intensity and lower volume actually does work better than hours and miles of long slow distance.

And the best part? After a rest day on Sunday, Bob was back in the gym on Monday with the rest of the CrossFit Endurance crew hitting it hard again.