Two rounds for time of:
Knees to elbows, 21 reps
1 1/2 pood Kettlebell swing, 21 reps
Push-ups, 21 reps
Rope climb, 3 trips
20 inch Box jump, 21 reps
Back extension, 21 reps
Walking lunge, 150 ft

Could humans be developing diseases from eating genetically modified foods?

Could humans be developing diseases from eating genetically modified foods?

Elle Magazine: The Health Risks of Genetically Modified Corn

Every so often, I come across an article that makes me stop in my tracks.  The content of the article is so thick and heavy that it makes my stomach turn, causes my brain to race in circles, and in this case – question much of what I do to stay healthy.

A few weeks ago my aunt passed along an article just like that.  the following article published in Elle Magazine and I had one of th

Author Caitlin Shetterly describes her years of health problems and her ultimate and shocking diagnosis.  For years, Shetterly suffered from a host of symptoms including: aches, rashes, exhaustion, headaches, frozen hands, head colds, nausea, and insomnia.  Doctors could not pull the list of symptoms together into a diagnosis that cured her.

Eventually, she was recommended to an allergist who after a long interview stated, “I think it’s possible you’ve developed a reaction to genetically modified corn.”  A simple swab of her nose revealed an overproduction of eosinophils.  Mansmann believes that the overproduction is caused by an allergy to the proteins found in genetically modified corn.

Read the article.  It’s a good one!


With symptoms including headaches, nausea, rashes, and fatigue, Caitlin Shetterly visited doctor after doctor searching for a cure for what ailed her. What she found, after years of misery and bafflement, was as unlikely as it was utterly common.

So, do you buy it?  Could you avoid all genetically modified corn in your diet?  Could we really have developed diseases from eating genetically modified foods?  Post to comments.