Back Squat

How to Post Your Scores for The Open

As part of each week of the Open, you will need to post your score on the CrossFit Games website after logging in to your athlete account.

We recommend highly that you do this while you are at the gym, after you complete the workout.

Know the Process
1. When you do the workout in class or at the Friday Night Throwdown, you will be given a score sheet.  Your judge will record your reps during the workout and you will sign off on the score sheet.
2. At the completion of your workout you will turn in your scoresheet to the coach.  THIS MUST HAPPEN or we have no record of your performance.
3. Next, go and report your score on the CrossFit Games website by signing in to your account.
4. Over the weekend, and before the Monday at 5pm deadline, Shane will go in and validate scores.  In order for us to validate your score, it must match the score that was reported on the collected judges sheets.  If it does not, you will receive an email from us on the discrepancy and can change your score if needed.

Questions?  Post to comments.