AMRAP 15 minutes:
5 thrusters (115/75)
10 bar facing burpees
15 toes-to-bar

If you read this caption and think "Well that statement is crazy," you're missing the point!

If you read this caption and think “Well that statement is crazy,” you’re missing the point!

A (Perfect) Storm is Brewing

One of the reasons I have always liked CrossFit is because I feel that I’m at home with my people.  The people I workout with in class and on the road understand me and my approach to health and fitness.  I like being around these people because I gain momentum, support, and encouragement to fuel my fitness and nutrition goals.

I feel this at Roots every time I workout.  I’m immersed in the CrossFit cult (yes, I said cult), I feed off of other’s successes and PRs and that motivates me toward my own goals, and I’m reminded to embrace the fanatical side of my journey to better my health and fitness.

Lately I’ve heard how a number of Roots athletes have become embarassed by their fanatical approach to fitness and therefore it has waned – and their results and goals have suffered because of it.  A friend or colleague took a jab at your tupperware Paleo lunch, someone made fun of your pursuit to get a strict pull-up, or they saw the CrossFit Games and commented to you, “well you’ll never be able to do that, you know.”  Their comments struck a chord with you and in turn, you backed off of your goals – the ones that meant something to you.

You know what – screw those people.

While the rest of the world may tell you you’re crazy, we invite you to embrace the part of you who wants more out of life through CrossFit.  You want a faster Fran time for no other reason that you just want it – awesome!  You want to PR your back squat so it’s double your bodyweight – great.  You want to get a strict handstand push-up so bad you dream about it – well then let’s do this.  Or you dream of a day when you could eat Paleo consistently for 30 days straight – yes, you can do it.

And that’s what September is all about.

Over the past few months, a perfect storm of coaching experiences, research, and events happened at Roots that has led to a new and exciting path going into the fall. 

The coaches have collaborated and learned from each other in a variety of new ways.  We’ve talked about what has worked and what hasn’t.  Individually, each coach has explored and researched different elements of CrossFit and strength and conditioning.  And we’ve seen first hand the strengths and weaknesses of our gym’s athleticism as a whole play out over the summer through Cool Cruel Summers, workouts, and benchmarks.

The product of this is a September you won’t want to miss.

In the month of September, we want you to get fanatical about logging your workouts.  We want you to crave the knowledge to know if your workouts, benchmarks, lifting numbers, and skills are getting better.  This is how you begin to achieve your goals in and outside the gym.

Over the next four days we’ll lay the foundation of the following month.  We’ll cover:

– Updates and a revamp of weekly programming at the shop
– Results logging and tracking 
– Progress analysis through planned benchmark and skill benchmark retest
– A method to log and track your workouts

Be sure to read the blog this week.