In teams of four, complete 3 rounds for time:
50 thrusters (105/75)
100 pull-ups
buddy carry down the alley and back

Only one athlete may work at a time.

Richard, left, after the 9/11 stair climb in Denver last weekend. A super accomplishment and well done!

During the June Foundations Course Richard mentioned his goal of completing the 9/11 stair climb. He did it!  Solid work Richard.

Richard’s Account of the 9/11 Stair Climb

Today was the 9/11 stair climb, down in Denver at the Qwest tower. 110 stories (55 up, twice) with bunker pants, boots, jacket, helmet, and air tank – somewhere in the realm of 55lbs of gear. I joined Roots three months ago to improve my general fitness as a firefighter (I let it lapse pretty badly before then) with the specific goal of surviving this event. It was, quite honestly, brutal.  My lungs hurt more than they have on even your most punishing workouts so far 🙂

It helps that I had to haul 20lbs less bodyweight up the tower than I did three months ago, thanks to my training at Crossfit Roots. It helped that my legs have been conditioned through squatting. It helped that my cardiovascular efficiency is up (and recovery time is down) measurably (I also blew through the annual firefighter physical fitness test last Friday with a personal best time).

Had I been in the same physical shape as I was before I began the Foundations class at Roots, I would probably have collapsed somewhere around floor 35. Thank you all for helping me to the top of the Denver skyline today. I am truly grateful, and look forward to getting back to Roots next week.

110 stories (55 up, twice) with bunker pants, boots, jacket, helmet, and air tank.

Before the climb.