In teams:
Row (cal)
DB Thrusters (#45/30)
Box Jump

Just like the 2010 Games team workout, one person starts the first exercise and teammates follow. Teammates can only move forward when the exercise in front of them has been completed by the teammate ahead of them.
Jim finds that pull-ups are a lot easier with a few less pounds. Jim has put in a tremendous amount of work both in the kitchen and in the shop over the past six months and it shows.

Shirts Off

Alright Roots, summer is here and we’ve noticed a lot of fine looking shirtless wonders working out at the shop.  We LOVE it.  Many of you have commented to the coaches recently that you’ve dropped a few pounds over the past year.  Share your success with everyone!

Have you lost weight since joining Roots?  If so, how much?  Did you do it with a consistent workout routine, a more Paleo style of eating, or a combo of both?  Post to Comments.