Good mornings 5-5-3-3-1-1 reps
Complete as many rounds in 7 minutes as you can of:
7 Dips
7 Good mornings
Dips, max reps in 2 minutes
Dips, max reps in 90 seconds
Dips, max reps in 60 seconds
Note:  The idea is to not hurry through the opening Good Mornings and the Finishing Dips, yet “mow” through the Dip/Good Morning circuit.

The Fuel Your Journey Challenge wrap-up included a workout and discussion. Thanks to all who participated!

Fuel Your Journey Challenge Results

The Fuel Your Journey Challenge Wrap-up took place this past Friday evening at the new space.  23 of the 30 participants made it to the challenge wrap-up and a few participated in the make-up session a few days prior.  Across the board, we have to say that this was the Roots Crew’s most successful challenge yet.  From body measurements to weight on the scale to pictures, blood work, and athletic performance the changes these folks made in 6 weeks was down right impressive.

We could tell their stories but were hoping they might want to share some of their successes.  
So, FYJC Crew – what were you results like?  Post to comments.