Team Workout #1 from the MBS Turkey Challenge

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
10 Plate ground to overhead 45 lb./25 lb.
15 Hand-release pushups
20 Air squats
400 meter plate run 45 lb./25 lb.

Each team will be given an area and weights. Only one athlete will be allowed to work at a time. So, as soon as the first athlete finishes the air squats and leaves the area for the run, the second athlete can begin doing GTO’s. Each team will receive three weights – one 45#, one 25#, and either a 45# or 25#, depending on what their 5th athlete is (male or female).

It is possible during the workout that the team will have 3 athletes on the run with the plates, leaving 2 athletes waiting for the plate to return so they can do the GTO’s.

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