5 rounds:
Run 800m
30 reps 2pood KB swing
30 pull-ups

Let there be light! No more dark entries in the early AM or at night.

We Will Always Take Care of You

Every day at CrossFit Roots athletes get nervous, fearful, anxious, and butterflies in their stomachs about the workout. Perhaps the movements are new to them, or the length of the workout seems impossible, or the workout contains a movement that is their nemesis, or maybe they really want to do perform well at the tasks ahead of them.

It came to my attention not too long ago that while everyone at the shop has those fears, none of you think anyone else has them.

NOT TRUE! You all have your own pre-workout demons, so to speak. All of the folks in the classes with you have the same range of emotions before a workout. So rest assured that you’re in a room with good company.

The hardest thing for the coaches to hear is when an athlete tells us they didn’t come to class because the workout looked hard, scary, or something they just couldn’t imagine doing.

I want to take a moment to remind everyone of a few things…

First, we will ALWAYS take care of you. Your job is to show up to class and give us your 100% effort. Our job is to dial in your workout to something that is challenging, yet not defeating. On the flip side, our goal is also not to let your workouts develop a mediocre you – we’re working to bring out the badass in everyone.

Second, we hear all the time from folks after completing a workout that they “surprised” themselves in their abilities. Remember this the next time you see a workout on the site and think you can’t do it.

Have you ever looked at a workout on the website and thought, “there’s no way I will be able to do that” only to surprise yourself at what you accomplished? Post to comments.