1-hour session: $75

Cody found CrossFit in the summer of 2013 while deployed to Afghanistan and serving in the Army. Known as the “Best Damn Box in the Worst Damn Place,” Kandahar CrossFit became Cody’s first affiliate. Barricaded by large concrete walls and covered only by a thin military style netting, this improvised CrossFit box in one of the most war-torn countries on the planet made for one of the rawest and memorable training environments.

CrossFit, specifically the shared sense of community, competition, and continuing variation, mirrored much of what he experienced as a soldier. It was precisely what he needed as a fitness addict who was preparing to transition back to the States. Optimistic and thankful, he felt as though he had finally found a training program that would continuously challenge him in ways that no other training program had.

Cody returned to Fort Hood, Texas later that summer and spent the next year learning everything he could about CrossFit – watching videos, reading books and articles, and training daily with his Army buddies. He soon realized that not only was he in the best shape of his life but that he was also becoming healthier and more equipped for his job as an Army medic. In January 2015, Cody moved back home to Beaumont, Texas in search of an affiliate, a tight-knit community, and professional coaching.

He joined Norbeau CrossFit and found a hardworking, gritty, and resilient community. He found a group of athletes that mimicked the bond he had shared with his brothers and sisters in the Army. It was then that he set his sights on becoming a coach.

His passion for positively influencing others while relentlessly challenging them to improve in all aspects of life stems from his time as an Army medic and his long lineage of folks that chose careers to serve others. As a current rugby player, Cody finds enjoyment in strength and conditioning with respect to sport and military-specific application. Whether on the field or in life, he believes in using his knowledge and unique experiences to optimize human performance and unlock human potential.

Coaching Credentials

  • CrossFit Level I (CF-L1)


Beaumont, TX

Work Experience

  • Combat Medic, US Army

Athletic Background

  • Rugby
  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Basketball

Contact Cody: cody@crossfitroots.com