Manual Physical Therapy at Roots

You are an athlete.  The minute you stepped in the door at Roots you committed to a path of fitness and health.  With this commitment to being an athlete comes some responsibility.  Your responsibility to your body to periodically give it some “care and feeding”.  Merrill Performance is a full service “hands on” based Physical Therapy clinic located within CrossFit Roots.  Charlie Merrill, MSPT is a long time Roots member and an Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist.  He is committed to helping you learn about your body and to work with you to keep it healthy over time so you can fully appreciate your athletic potential.  Merrill Performance is independently owned and operated and Charlie is available to treat both members and non-members.


Charlie Merrill, P.T.

Charlie has practiced Manual Physical Therapy since 1999.  He stays on the leading edge of hands on techniques and finds huge value in integrating the CrossFit model into his philosophy and treatment when it’s appropriate.  He’s treated some of the best athletes in the world in sports including CrossFit, Cycling, Running, Triathlon, Rock Climbing, and Skiing.  But treating the recreational athlete who thrives on getting better at their sport is just as fulfilling.

Charlie has been an avid and competitive athlete in too many sports to count.  He understands intimately what it takes to train for and succeed at sports ranging from Triathlon to Cyclocross to Golf to CrossFit.  Charlie loves what he does and cares deeply about his client’s success.  That comes across in each and every treatment session.


IMG_0138“I wake up every day intending to teach my clients how to become more physically healthy by helping them move better.  The way I do this takes many forms. This might take the form of periodic tune ups to keep joints moving well, muscles healthy and activated, nerves happy, and movement symmetrical and powerful.  Or it might take the form of an in depth evaluation to problem solve and treat an injury appropriately if you break down.  And all athletes who are using their bodies to do amazing things break down sometimes!  I take the time to get to know my client’s unique limitations very well.  This allows me to treat limitations effectively.  But sharing this knowledge so athletes can self improve is how the real magic happens.”


Charlie takes the time to thoroughly evaluate and treat your limitations.  Chasing and treating pain directly doesn’t work.  So problem solving and critical thinking are required to get to the root of many physical limitations.  Because most of our injuries are caused by a few critical limitations, he educates you about your “top 5” critical issues after the first session.  This gets you on a more focused path to managing your own body in the future.

Charlie also has a diverse skill set to address problems by treating multiple systems.  In treating the appropriate joints, muscles, nerves, and faulty movement patterns, you can expect the best possible outcomes.  Here’s a link to a blog post that describes how many movement limitations are best treated.


Pain and movement limitations are often caused by remote issues that may not even seem related to the problem.  By using the following tools and applying them to the right areas, most issues can be effectively treated quickly and effectively to assure minimal down time from your favorite recreation.

Charlie’s skill set includes:

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 9.36.06 AM Joint mobilization/manipulation
 Trigger point needling
 Soft tissue manipulation, trigger point release, and myofascial release
 Active Release Technique (ART)
 Corrective exercise
 Muscle Activation
 Movement reeducation and joint stabilization
 Medical Bike Fitting
 Custom Orthoses (not that most of you studley paleolithic athletes are likely to need that)

Here’s a link to my website with descriptions of my individual manual therapy skills.


Charlie sees clients Monday through Friday.  His schedule varies and is reflected on his scheduling page (see link below).  Sessions are normally 60 minutes and the cost is $150.  30 minute sessions are available to existing clients (people he’s already evaluated and treated) by request and as his schedule allows.  The cost for a 30 minute session is $75.

He can be reached at 303.717.8351 or by email at


To schedule an evaluation or treatment, click here


“You are a miracle worker. The pain is completely gone. Even walking down stairs. It’s crazy. The last 6 days I have been in intense pain. Really intense. I’m having a hard time believing it’s gone!!” P.D.

“I hit 14.4 yesterday. Back felt great! Thanks for all your help!” W.S.

“I knew as soon as I left your office that you had fixed me. I did my first intense workout yesterday. I had some residual soreness until that workout, but now I feel 100%  thank you!” B.G.

“Charlie Merrill, today I hate you.  But I always come back to loving you a few days later.” N.D.

“Thanks again for everything; convinced you have put me back on track.” L.H.

“My back/glutes are drastically better.  I am no longer in constant pain and the tenderness is far better.  Given how bad it was, I’m very happy with the improvement!” C.A.

“Eighty miles in and I can feel a huge difference. Thanks so much. This weekend my overall speed was up a little over 2 mph, which surely is from efficiency (because it’s not from training.” D.T.

“I still can’t believe that sound came from me! But it may go down as one of the highlights of my year. I am feeling very flexi and free in my hip. I notice it most when I’m just walking (feels different than it has since I can remember) and with everyday movements around the house (like bending down to put dog food in bowls) that are much easier. It’s a joy just to move like this.” A.M.

“Wow, I just wanted to let you know that the shoulder feels 100x better today, after our visit. Everything moves pretty well and the shoulder is virtually pain free no matter how I move my arms! Stoked to try the new exercises and just get better overall. Thanks!!” R.G.