Manual Physical Therapy

Manipulation, Dry Needling, and many other powerful hands on techniques combine with personalized and focused mobility and stability exercise to keep you growing as an athlete. Problem solving with you through complex physical issues and empowering you with a solution is the goal. Move past your physical barriers and enjoy optimal, pain free performance. 3, 2, 1 GO!

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60 minute initial evaluation and treatment: $150
60 minute treatment for existing clients: $150
30 minute treatment for existing clients: $85

Charlie Merrill, MSPT

Charlie Merrill, Manual Physical Therapist, has been helping a diverse population of athletes problem solve and treat their physical limitations since 1999.  He launched Merrill Performance in 2011 to create a model of injury management that breaks the traditional therapy mold.  He does this by combining deep listening, thoughtful problem solving, longer one on one appointment times, collaboration between providers and coaches, and a diverse manual therapy skill set. Learn more.

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