Membership, Programs, & Class Variety


We offer an Unlimited Membership which gives athletes access to all group WODs as well as some specialty classes. Visit our Start CrossFit page for details on how to join the group classes as well as membership rates.  Visit our CrossFit Membership page to learn about all that is included in a group membership. 



We offer a variety of Programs and Services in addition to our CrossFit Membership.  Please visit the Programs drop down tab to visit each page’s program information.

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Nutrition Coaching

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We offer 5 different specialty classes included in our CrossFit Membership.

Workout of the Day (WOD)

“Constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity” – that is the CrossFit method used to achieve a general physical preparedness and the focus of the WOD classes.  The class incorporates a warm-up, skill work, WOD-specific movement preparation, the workout of the day, mobility work, and a cool down.  At CrossFit Roots we pull heavily from the CrossFit mainsite following the programming on a one-week delay while simultaneously incorporating additional work that will benefit our athletes.  The WODs are scaled and modified to each athlete’s level and performed at the highest intensity that the individual can sustain with good form and proper technique.

WOD 1.0

Finished Foundations but you’d still like a little more focus on the movements?  Come to WOD 1.0 for a class that is 100% CrossFit but provides additional focus to refine and develop the 9 Foundational Movements.  The class structure mimics the WOD class but the nature of the movements, workouts, and breakdown are tailored to the CrossFitter who’s been at this for 6 months or less.

CrossFit Oly (Olympic Weightlifting for a CF Setting)

Can you run a mile faster than you can perform Grace?  Come learn how to apply your oly skills in a crossfit context. Class structure will focus on analyzing and practicing an aspect of an oly lift and then applying  it in a way that will help you perform an oly friendly wod faster, safer, and more efficiently.


Building a stronger more efficient body is the focus of this class.We will perfect movement patterns of foundational strength exercises performed in wod’s as well as experimenting with different combinations and modalities such as bars, dumbells, kettlebells, strongman gear, and your own bodyweight.



Love to row?  Come spend unforgettable hours with coach Lauren as she teaches you the finer points of the erg while simultaneously helping you to improve you WOD times.

Power Hour

Feel the power! This class utilizes movements with a high power output in a shorter met-con environment. Moving large loads over long distances is the basic premise of CrossFit and this class is no different!