Project Roots

Are you a gym that wants to build a culture of accountability, preparation, and delivery of an excellent product? Project Roots provides a multifaceted approach to programming and preparation that supports gyms who are dedicated to helping the everyday athlete realize their true potential. 

What Does the Project Roots Program Include?

WOD Programming

Gym owners often overvalue the idea of super-secret, custom programming. That’s not us. We’re not going to tell you that our programming is magical. It’s classic. It’s the good stuff—the heart of GPP. It works.

WOD Plans

A consistent and progressive workout plan improves your athlete’s experience. That’s why each WOD is paired with a full plan that includes time stamps to the minute for each component. We provide scaling options for each movement, warm-ups within the WOD, and video examples from group classes at Roots.

Skill Work Plans

Skill work is critical for the improvement of your athletes. We provide daily skill work within the structure of the WOD. The work is centered around the development of the skills of the CrossFit Open to ensure that your athletes are ready to join the community and camaraderie that comes to life during the Open.

Integrated Benchmark Series

Testing the fitness of your athletes in a planned and structured way is the path to proper evaluation and improvement. The program provides a collection of 13 workouts scheduled on a four-month cycle to test each benchmark three times per year.

Why Project Roots?

The Highest Level Coaches

Project Roots is comprised entirely of a team of Certified CrossFit Trainers (CF-L3) and Coaches (CF-L4) who coach weekly group classes and have written daily class plans for over six years.

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Product Tested at CrossFit Roots

We don’t just write programming – we make sure that it works within the structure of an hour group class. CrossFit Roots seeded this project eight years ago when it first began writing daily WOD Plans to develop its coaches and athletes. Every workout and WOD Plan is product tested the month prior at CrossFit Roots in our own group classes.

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Created for the Everyday Athlete

Project Roots is programming designed for the affiliate, not the Games competitor. This population demands the same level of thoughtful planning and individual-level coaching as the competitive athlete, and the Project Roots solution provides that.

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Real Class Examples of the System

The WOD, WOD Plan, Skill Work, and Benchmark series are supported with videos and photo illustrations of the program, in real life, to support you and your team’s implementation at your gym.

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Who is CrossFit Roots?

CrossFit Roots opened in 2008 out of a garage. Today it has built a reputation as one of the best-run affiliates in the world with a team of highly trained and experienced coaches in a 10,000 square foot gym.

Powered by SugarWOD

Get your Sunday back. SugarWOD is the best programming and workout tracking solution for CrossFit gyms. That’s why we’ve partnered with them to provide our programming through their software to make our lives and your lives easier.

A Team of CrossFit Level-3 Trainers

We don’t believe coaching is linear. It’s the collection of hundreds of hours of coaching, evaluation, study, practice, and professional development. This desire for constant improvement and impact on athletes is behind the passion that led us to create Project Roots.