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We believe nutrition is crucial to both health and performance. Whether you need to establish a lifelong approach to nutrition, want to improve your performance, or make changes to your body composition, our team of nutrition coaches will guide and support you.

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Ali has helped me to transform my relationship to food and my body. Before working with Ali, I generally ate healthily and maintained a “normal” body weight but I often found myself stress eating and always felt some level of struggle with food.

As a nutrition coach, Ali really listened to me, heard what had worked for me in the past, and customized my nutrition program to address my specific challenges with food. She was available for me via email and at the gym but also empowered me to realize that the changes I was making were ultimately by me and for me.

After 3 months of nutrition coaching, my body has leaned out, my performance has improved, and I’m starting to feel ease with food. I can finally eat just one piece of chocolate!! Thank you Ali!


I can’t say enough about what this guy did for me! It truly changed my life! A little more than 2 years ago I drank the CrossFit kool-aid, and could not get enough. I started at 252 lbs and was 32 percent body fat, and was too ashamed to take a before picture! It took me about 3 months of working out every day but still hurting to realize that the fast food, sodas, and junk food were not gonna give my body the fuel I need to hang with the sport of CrossFit. 

I finally understood that I needed to completely change my lifestyle, but I didn’t know how to change or what I needed to do. I worked with Connor for about a year and I lost 62 lbs and cut my body fat in half!! 

Then the heavy lifting, hard work, and eating right continued to pay off.  I am now just over two years into my journey and am hovering around 10 to 12 percent BMI!!! What fires me up, even more, is the gains and PR’s to come in the future! Connor has been a great partner in this journey, working with me through the different phases of fat loss and muscle gain. You bring the hard work and dedication Connor will bring the knowledge!

There is no quick fix or magic food!!! You have to have a coach, and you gotta want it!!

Chelsea Dick

Having participated in food challenges in the past, I’m no stranger to the hyper-focused challenge model, where I’ve found success. However, the moment the challenge is over I immediately fall off of the wagon and am back to old habits.

When I learned about Ali’s nutritional program and the three-month commitment, I was instantly intrigued. My goals were to cultivate a sustainable program that was more lifestyle vs. a quick fix, in addition to increased energy and leaning out. This is no small feat, but one that Ali took seriously asking the right questions along the way, granting me grace when needed, and providing instantaneous feedback and accountability.

I’ll admit that when I started out, I thought I was doing everything right. Turns out that I was totally off my mark as it relates to proteins, vegetables, and fats. The result of her coaching program has been that my energy is more consistent throughout the day, I’m starting to lean out, and in the last week alone I’ve accomplished two PRs that I’m remarkably proud of.

Most importantly, with her support, I’ve been able to change my relationship with food for the long haul, and am committed to eating healthily, pushing myself harder in WODs, and enjoying life just a little bit more. If you’re looking to make a long-term change, I’d highly recommend her program. You won’t regret it – an investment in your health and well being is the best one you’ve got.


I started my nutrition program with Connor shortly I after entering my first CrossFit box. I was skeptical in the beginning because I have had nutrition coaches before that did not work out. Connor was a coach at the box at the time and we had some small discussion throughout the first couple of months about different nutritional items and a healthy lifestyle in general.
I attended one of his seminars at the box and really started to grasp the depth of his nutritional coaching. Once I knew I needed to get serious and put forth 100% effort in a healthy lifestyle, I knew Connor was the man. I had been somewhat working on eating “healthy” on my own once entering the box. But I always felt groggy and that my body was not fully recovered for the next day.
When I had my consultation with Connor we mapped out basically what my goals would be with CrossFit and nutrition. My goals were to hit PR’s, lose a little fat and crush each workout. So Connor set me on the path to do so. He slowly started ramping up my numbers and we started seeing results.
The CrossFit Open came around and Connor adjusted my Macro numbers to aid through those weeks. If I had a competition coming up Connor would send. a text, or email so that I would know what I needed to be doing to fuel my body properly.
Connor, hands down the best coach I have had. I would receive messages regularly asking how I felt, how was my appetite, do I think the small change we made was helping, so on and so forth. Connor was always willing to answer a question and steer me in the best directions for my goals.
I made an appointment for a hydrostatic dunk tank to have my fat percentage measured, and sure enough, I had gained ample amounts of muscle mass and lost fat in the process.
Connor = Fat loss, muscle gain, energy gain, and regular trips to PR city!

Working with Ali was an awesome experience.  She is very knowledgeable and has a lot of great ideas for how to achieve success.  She is quick to respond with feedback, encouragement, and answers to questions.  Ali was able to strike a great balance between holding me accountable while always remaining supportive and encouraging.  Working with her was instrumental in keeping my fitness goals on track during a very busy time in my life.  I highly recommend it!


Alison Minton, PN1

Ali is Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified. Her passion for healthy eating began in the mid-2000s as a college student and she strongly believes it is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. She has been working with athletes on their nutrition in group and individualized settings since 2013. Her experience ranges from helping individuals create long-term healthy habits surrounding food to assistance with specific diets such as Paleo, Zone and macro counting.

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Connor McDonald, NCI-L1

Connor earned the Nutrition Coaching Institute Level 1 Nutrition Certification in 2016. Since then, Connor has worked 1-on-1 with hundreds of clients. Through personalized nutrition coaching, Connor has helped athletes change body composition, improve performance, and optimize health and longevity. His coaching is science-based and results driven. There is no one size fits all diet and Connor enjoys working with individuals within their lifestyle to achieve unique goals. 

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