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Charlie Merrill

Physical Therapist
Charlie Merrill

Charlie Merrill

Physical Therapist


Charlie Merrill has been helping a diverse population of athletes problem solve and treat their physical issues since 1999. He launched Merrill Performance in 2011 to create a model of injury management that breaks the traditional mold. Free from insurers and stale beliefs about injury, physical health, and performance, he’s able to partner with his clients to create real change.

What sets him apart is his ability to conceptualize why movement faults happen. Additionally, Charlie has an ability to treat problems from multiple angles by addressing soft tissue health, manipulating joint stiffness, desensitizing nerves, and increasing muscle control when joints move too much.

Charlie has the distinction of being one of the most experienced practitioners of trigger point dry needling in the country, having just completed the first level 3 advanced training in the US. He’s also trained in high velocity joint manipulation, Myofascial Release, ART (Active Release Technique), nerve mobilization, medical bike fitting, running gait analysis, orthotic fabrication, and is CrossFit Level 1 trained.

Charlie has been an active member at CrossFit Roots since 2011 and took one of the first CrossFit mobility seminars from Kelly Starrett that year. Charlie has played and understands nearly every sport at some level from snowshoe racing to golf. He’s been competitive as an endurance athlete since he was 18 and finds himself moving from longer to shorter duration sports as he gets older. Running a fast mile and learning a standing back flip are a few current goals as he works to keep up with his 2 kids.

  • Potomac, Maryland
  • University of Colorado – BS
  • Regis University – MSPT
Athletic Background
  • Cyclocross
  • Road and Mountain Bike
  • Triathlon
  • Trail Running
  • Snowshoe Racing
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Skiing (downhill, telemark, nordic)
  • Golf
  • Baseball
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