Sports Massage

Boulder Performance Therapy

“The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ only by degree, not kind.”  ~ Greg Glassman, CrossFit Founder and CEO

Welcome to BoulderPT, CrossFit Roots’ very own sports massage clinic.  Don’t let the idea of stereotypical massage fool you.  There are no sounds of running water or singing whales here.  Through multiple techniques of aggressive and deep soft tissue work I help my clients get the jumpstart they need to begin down the road to recovery.  Techniques include:

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    Shane Upchurch, LMT


  • Orthopedic
  • Trigger Point Therapy (TPT)
  • Myofascial Release (MFR)
  • Integrative

Through education, deep-tissue work and mobility homework my clients have seen drastic improvements in injury recovery, injury prevention, current-day performance, range of motion and general quality of life.

Who Are My Clients?

CrossFitters – With intense exercise comes intense adaptations and with that comes the responsibility of regular maintenance.  You can’t push your body to the extremes in CrossFit over and over and not expect to have to do something more to keep things working smoothly.

Injured Athletes – Maybe you’ve had some nagging shoulder thing for the past month.  It’s not terrible, you can live with it, but its starting to have effects on your daily quality of life and more than likely it will eventually start keeping you from doing certain activities, or worse case, it already has.  This is a familiar story for most of us and most times can be helped, if not completely resolved, by soft-tissue work and consistent mobility homework.

Surgery Recovery –  Surgeries, while necessary to repair serious injuries, can cause massive trauma to the area repaired and the surrounding soft tissue.   And if the area repaired has been held immobile for some time you can bet that there will be a measurable decrease in range of motion and atrophy of the muscle itself.  Massage helps to breakup scar tissue, bring in fresh blood and nutrients and push out old cell waste products.  All of which can increase the rate of healing and restore range of motion.

Upcoming Competitions/Races – You’ve been working hard and putting in a lot of work and time to prepare for an upcoming event.  Come in and give your body some attention and time to push out the built-up toxins, bring in fresh blood and nutrients and reduce inflammation so you can be your best on gameday.

Mobility Restrictions – You’re tired of fighting your own body in trying to perform simple movements and ready to address the problems.  You weren’t always restricted in these ways and some restoration can be made.  Don’t fool yourself into believing it’s old age.

What’s a session like?

Many sessions begin on the table and end in the gym where I can then show you how to work on your issues on your own using simple implements that you can also use at home.  And for many, a quick 30 minute session, is all they need to start down the road of recovery.  Every session ends with mobility homework that is designed specifically for each client that they can carry forward with on their own and continue to progress. (those who actually do it see the fastest improvements!)

Who Do I Serve?

My practice is open to Roots and non-Roots members.


  • 30min session – $45
  • 60min session – $80

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