Sprint, Then Run    June 10 2013


Every five minutes for 6 rounds:
Sprint 200 meters, for time
Run 400 meters

Trish looking STRONG during Memorial Day Murph.

Trish looking STRONG during Memorial Day Murph.

Sprint, Then Run

Today’s workout goes like this…

1. Sprint 200 meters, all out, as fast as you can go, for time
2. Run, jog, move through 400 meters immediately after the 200 meters
3. Start a new 600 meter effort every 5:00 minutes

Athletes can use their 400 meter as they choose.  You can run it as a quickish pace, which would give you more pure rest time before the next 5:00 round starts, or you can jog it out and have less time until your next round.  It’s up to you!


  • lisa p

    Trish looks great, but this is also a totally awesome pic of Coy!

  • Trisha Krystman

    Coy and I are actually conjoined twins. She can only look at my neck

  • Shane Upchurch

    Charlie seems very concerned about this situation as well.