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You want to work toward being decidedly fit, look better naked, build lean muscle, be ready for any of Boulder’s seasonal sports, and make your daily workout ingrained in your life. Our CrossFit program delivers on the tenets of the program providing individuals a fun, challenging, and rewarding path to achieve an unparalleled level of fitness through daily group class attendance.



Personal Training

Did you know that CrossFit Roots offers world-class personal training? Our team works 1-on-1, in private sessions, with individuals to support their life, athletic, and longterm goals. Whether you have a rigorous job, need help with accountability or consistency, or have a specific athletic goal in mind, our trainers will hand make a program designed to fit your needs.


Middle/High School

The Middle School and High School programs are for the student looking to improve their sports performance or create a positive relationship with fitness and health. Through a supportive and challenging environment students become fast, explosive, powerful, strong, and agile. This program yields confidence and toughness that translates to the field, classroom, and life. By scaling speed, volume, load, and intensity, we make each session appropriate for the beginner through to the elite high school athlete.


CrossFit Kids

For the child ages 4-10, the Roots Kids Program focuses on having fun, learning to move their bodies, and developing the love for a challenge. Kids learn proper mechanics and consistency in a safe, supportive, and structured environment.



You are 60 and over but not ready to slow down! You want to improve functional fitness such that your body supports the brain-body connection as you age. Our Vitality Program is designed for the 60 and over individual and increases functional capacity, strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination in a fun and challenging environment amongst those of a similar age. No previous exercise history required.


Women’s Only

You seek the challenge of CrossFit and would like the inclusive and comforting environment of working out alongside other women. The Women’s Only Program provides a platform for women of all ages and abilities to experience the empowerment of CrossFit and challenge their bodies. We help women build strength, increase endurance, lose weight, and more.



You are an athlete at heart and see CrossFit not just as a fitness program, but also as a competitive outlet. You are a proficient CrossFit athlete and want to develop capacities and traits necessary to excel in the CrossFit Open and competitions. Our Competitor Program delivers additional training and volume in a combination of group and self-directed environments.



You are serious about your endurance sport and willing to put in the additional strength and conditioning work to become a tough, durable athlete out on the trails or the bike. Our Endurance program is designed to supplement the training hours of an endurance athlete, support injury-prevention, build strength, and a better engine.


Nutrition Coaching

You want to get healthy, get lean, get strong. Pick your what and work 1-on-1 with our expert team of nutrition coaches. Nutrition is crucial to both health and performance. Whether you need to establish a lifelong approach to food, want to improve your performance, or make changes to your body composition, our team of nutrition coaches will guide and support you to results you never thought possible.



You are the Boulder athlete who trains at studios all over town: from yoga to barre to weights, you do it all. Just as the name implies, SWEAT is a 45-minute high-intensity cardio-based class offered 5x/week at various times. The interval-based class incorporates rowers, bikes, running, light weights and more in a fast-paced and well-coached environment. SWEAT is open to everyone, and no previous CrossFit experience is required.


Manual Physical Therapy

You work and play hard, and sometimes you need a tune-up. Charlie Merrill, MSPT works with individuals to address complex physical issues, previous and current injuries, and long-term physical maintenance to empower them to grow as athletes. Move past your physical barriers and enjoy the optimal, pain-free performance.

What Is Your Goal?

Look Good Naked, Health, and Longevity

If health, longevity, and an overall desire to look and feel good are your top priorities – we got you! We give athletes a road map to look better naked, lose body fat, and build lean muscle. We encourage you to make a gym attendance of 3 or more classes per week the foundation of your workout program. Take advantage of our diverse class offerings: CrossFit, SWEAT, Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting, Rowing, Active Recovery, Strongman, and personal training sessions. Our staff of experienced coaches will help you develop a workout schedule that will help you thrive to become your best both in and out of the gym.

Athletic Performance and Weekend Warrior

Winter is for skiing, spring is for climbing, summer is for mountain biking, and fall is for hiking – and you want to be ready for, and excel at, all of it. CrossFit is the perfect strength and conditioning program to keep you fit, healthy, and ready for all that Colorado and the outdoors has to offer. Even if you’re chained to a desk each day, daily CrossFit attendance has a proven track record of delivering an unparalleled level of fitness to enable you to go play outside with confidence. Our daily training environment has a camaraderie and competitiveness that fuels you to keep pushing the limits.

Weight Loss

Our classes are designed to help you reach whatever aesthetic, performance, or health-related goals you may have. If you’re after weight loss and a commitment to healthy habits, our CrossFit classes paired with our in-house nutrition coaching provides you with the tools you need to be successful. You’ll learn to fuel your body for your day-to-day demands while challenging your body in a safe way under the guidance of our certified (and experienced) coaches.

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