Friendly Reminder 1 – Sign-up For Classes!    October 20 2013


Three rounds for time:
12 push jerks (105/155)
15 pull-ups
50 double-unders

Remember - this skill cycle ALL pull-ups in workouts are chest-to-bar!

Remember – this skill cycle ALL pull-ups in workouts are chest-to-bar!

Friendly Reminder 1 – Sign-up For Classes!

Hi everyone.  This is a friendly reminder that all athletes need to sign-up in advance for class.  During the summer, when attendance ebbs and flows with vacations and outdoor endeavors, many folks get lackadaisical on signing up for class.  But fall is here and everyone is back so we need everyone to recommit to signing up in advance.

We limit the group class size to 12 athletes to maximize coaching, instruction, safety, and experience – this is one of the unique things about Roots.

When 3 or 4 athletes show up having not signed up and try to take one remaining spot they saw online it quickly makes a 16 person class AND takes away from the athletes who took the time to follow the protocol and sign-up in advance for class.

We understand the flip side of this equation – by limiting class size we need to make sure there are enough classes – and we will and DO!

We insure that all athletes can get into class by adding classes to the schedule when needed (and this changes with the seasons) – additional hours and double or triple class times, scheduling more coaches to certain times, and sometimes closing membership for a period of time.  BUT in order to do this we need your help in signing up for class so we know what is needed.  If the class is full, please put yourself on the waitlist.  If we see this we can call a coach and create two classes on the fly and then make permanent changes in the following week.

As always, the fall class schedule survey will be coming out this week.  Please vote!

We need everyone’s help to make and maintain the best experience for everyone in the Roots community.  Thanks for your understanding and help with this!

Check-in tomorrow for Friendly Reminder 2!