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Sure Bob takes his training seriously, but he also likes to have fun while doing it!

Sure Bob takes his training seriously, but he also likes to have fun while doing it!

How Did You Train With Bob Africa.

Competitor Magazine recently published an article about our very own Bob Africa.  Bob has been a dedicated and committed member of Roots, specifically the CrossFit Endurance program, for a few years now.  In the article, Africa talks about his endurance race summer of 2013 (he completed the Leadman!, the entire 5-race Leadville Series), his training methods (you might recognize a few of them!), his fueling, and what drives him to soak up the trails.

As the article mentions, Bob always seems to have a firm grasp on the rigors and dedication needed to race at this high level while keeping it real in the day to day joys of training, life, family, and enjoying the ride.

Click here to read the article.

I’m A Competitor: Bob Africa
By Brian Metzler

“A year ago, Bob Africa was sidelined from knee surgery and on the verge of turning 40. After getting fit with four months of CrossFit Endurance and modest amounts of running and mountain biking, Africa set PRs in several running races and then placed second in Colorado’s grueling high-altitude Leadman competition, a series of five endurance races over a span of seven weeks this past summer — the Leadville Trail Marathon (4:04), Leadville Silver Rush 50-mile mountain bike race (4:34), Leadville 10K trail run (43:31), Leadville Trail 100-mile mountain bike race (7:56) and Leadville Trail 100-mile run (19:38). (He briefly set a new Leadman overall record of 36 hours, 57 minutes, 8 seconds, but it was broken an hour later by Travis Macy.) When he’s not training and racing, Africa runs Kidrobot, a company that creates limited-edition toys and apparel in collaboration with renowned artists and designers.”