Coaches & Staff

We could go and write stellar bios with persuasive language about Nicole Christensen, Ryan Landis, Shane Upchurch, Ali Minton, Blaine Guenther, Walker Savidge, Lauren Rubini, and Eric Christensen – the coaches at CrossFit Roots. It would list their certifications (they have a variety), their athletic and outdoor accomplishments and experiences (they have a lot), and their knowledge of the CrossFit training method and movements (they have a ton). We could go a step further and throw out a lot of buzz phrases to entice you to come in, such as, “the coaches are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals” or “she is committed to getting you in the best shape of you life.”

But we’re not going to do that because we’d rather show you. Come in and decide for yourself.

Nicole Christensen

Coach // Owner // CrossFit Headquarters Seminar Staff (Level 1 and Coaches Prep Course)

Contact Nicole:

Coaching Credentials CrossFit Headquarters Seminar Staff for the Level 1 and Coaches Prep Course. CrossFit Level I & Level II. CrossFit Kids. USAW Club Coach.
Hometown Alexandria, VA
Education University of Colorado – B.S., University of Pennsylvania – M.C.P.
Athletic Background college swimming, softball, triathlon, distance running, backpacking and hiking, skiing

Eric Christensen

Coach // Owner

Contact Eric:

Coaching Credentials CrossFit Level I, CrossFit Coaches Prep Course and CrossFit Kids.  USAW Club Coach.
Hometown Portland, OR
Education Oregon State University – B.S.
Athletic Background Wrestling, Muai Thai Boxing, Mountain biking, Snowboarding, Skiing

Ryan Landis

Coach // Olympic Weightlifting Program

Contact Ryan:

Coaching Credentials C.S.C.S. USAW Club Coach, CrossFit Level I, CrossFit Coaches Prep and CrossFit Kids
Hometown Morton, IL
Education Northern Illinois University – B.S. in Exercise Science
Athletic Background Football, Track and Field, Weightlifting (powerlifting, weightlifting and strongman), disc golf, camping/hiking

Shane Upchurch

Coach // Competitor Program // Sports Massage Therapist

Contact Shane:

Coaching Credentials Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), CrossFit Level I, Coaches Prep Course, USAW Sports Performance Coach, Nutrition Certification, Mobility Certification 
Hometown Locust Grove, GA
Education B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech. Massage Therapist Certificate from Boulder College of Massage Therapy
Athletic Background Football, baseball, wrestling, tennis. Raced cars through high school. Now enjoy hiking, climbing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, the occasional CF competition

Stefanie Christensen

Business Operations Manager - From memberships and programs to tee shirts – if you have any questions she is the person to contact.

Contact Stefanie:

Coaching Credentials  CrossFit Level I, CrossFit Kids
Hometown Gresham, OR
Education BS in Merchandising Management, Minor in Business from Oregon State University (2003), Mind Body University (2011) 
Athletic Background Competitive outrigger racing

Alison Minton

Coach // Women’s Only Program

Contact Ali:

Coaching Credentials CrossFit Level 1, Coaches Prep Course, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Endurance, ACSM Certified Health Fitness Specialist
Hometown Eau Claire, WI
Education Northeastern University, Boston, MA – MS Clinical Exercise Physiology 2009 University of Colorado, Boulder, CO – BA Integrative Physiology 2007 
Athletic Background Gymnastics, running, mountain biking, hiking / backpacking, skiing

Walker Savidge

Coach // Cyclo-CrossFit & CrossFit Endurance

Contact Walker:

Coaching Credentials CrossFit Level 1, Coaches Prep Course, CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff Intern
Hometown Breckenridge, CO
Education University of Colorado – International Affairs
Athletic Background Former pro cyclist with Garmin Slipstream. US Junior National Snowboard team member

Trevor Gibson

Coach // Kids, Teens & SAT Prep Programs

Coaching Credentials CrossFit Level 1, Coaches Prep Course, CrossFit Kids
Hometown Alexandria, VA
Education Santa Clara University, English ’05; Stanford, Masters in Education
Athletic Background Swimming, Volleyball, Hiking

Blaine Guenther


Coaching Credentials CrossFit Level 1 Cert in May 2010, Offensive Line Coach at the USAF Academy Preparatory School
Hometown Graham, WA
Education Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering, USAFA
Athletic Background College Football – Starting Right Tackle for Air Force, a variety of sports in high school

Lauren Rubini

Erg Program Coach

Contact Lauren:

Coaching Credentials: Level 1 Crossfit Trainer
Hometown: Alexandria, VA 
Education: Undergrad Boston University on a full athletic scholarship for rowing. I received my B.S. in Elementary Education. Graduate school at University of CO, Boulder. I got my MA in Literacy and Bilingual education. I also went to University of CO, Denver to receive my ED.S. with a principal license. I think I am all done now!!
Athletic Background: I grew up in a rowing family. Both of my parents were rowers. We lived about 5 blocks from the Potomac river and I started rowing for my local High School, T.C. Williams in 8th grade. I rowed on the Jr. National Team and competed for a spot on the national team in both sweep and sculling during my college years. I also really like running and swimming and discovered SUP this summer and loved it!

Lucie Zikova

Coach, CrossFit Kids Coach

Coaching Credentials CrossFit Level I, CrossFit Kids
Hometown Prague, Czech Republic
Education University of Colorado, Boulder, CO – BS
Athletic Background college ski racing – 1st team All-American in Slalom & GS and 2006 NCAA Slalom Champion, backcountry skiing, mountain biking, tennis, yoga, hiking

Kirk Warner

CrossFit Endurance Coach

Coaching Credentials CrossFit Level I, CrossFit Endurance Trainer & Cycling, 
Hometown Forest Knolls (Marin County), California
Education Currently a senior at CU Boulder majoring in Integrative Physiology with a minor in Business
Athletic Background Raced on the Junior Elite circuit in high school (best year ranked 39th in the country) as well as age group racing (best year ranked 16th in country with All American Honorable Mention).  football, baseball, track, cross country, swimming, basketball, mountain biking