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Ten min to find max thruster
w/ 75% of established max, 3 thrusters EMOTM for 10 min, or until you can’t complete a round. Score number of rounds completed before failure.

Weight in the heels, knees slightly back and clearing the straight bar path, shoulder slightly over the bar, flat back - for 45 reps. Bryce, making the coaches proud!


cher·ry–pick   verb \ˈcher-ē-ˌpik\

First Known Use of CHERRY-PICK: 1965

Cherry-pick in CrossFit defined:

Selecting which days to attend CrossFit based on the workout or waiting until the workout is published to determine whether or not one will attend class are the acts that define cherry-picking in the CrossFit world.  The athlete hand selects workouts that seem to confirm their belief about what they are/are not capable of doing, what they “need” or “don’t need” to do, what seems “extreme”, or what will get them fit.  The result is a contradiction between the resulting capabilities and fitness level of the athlete and CrossFit’s goal of creating a general physical preparedness.  Selective workout visitation is a pathway to plateau.

Examples of cherry-picking:

“That looks hard, I’m not going.”
“I don’t like running, I’m not going.”
“It’s “just” a lifting day, I don’t need that.”
“Longer than 10 minutes?  Arghhh.  No way I want to sweat for that long.”
“That looks AWESOME and EXTREME.  I NEED EXTREME!  I’m totally signing up.”

Whether it’s a heavy day, Oly day, breathe hard day, breathe long day, or a movement or workout that you just don’t like, cherry-picking workouts inhibits you from becoming the athlete you could be.

Have you cherry-picked a workout before?  Have you ever ended up at a workout that you were scared shitless about and found that “it was all ok” in the end?

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