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Low bar backsquat

Own the bar.

One Hour.

The saying goes, “you go to CrossFit one hour a day and you have 23 other hours in the day to fuck it up.”  Either through poor sleep, poor nutrition, or poor decisions, you can derail your CrossFit efforts for health and fitness once you leave the shop.

Sure, that’s not a very positive outlook but when one looks at all the potential for mess up in a typical day it becomes clear that we work our asses off to live up to standards and expectations set in that one hour.  

Take for example a sample day:

1. Wake up at 4:40am.  Super easy to just shove some food in my mouth but I know I’m simply not hungry.  I’ll wait until breakfast.  One good decision made.
2. Grab coffee at 8:00am.  A latte looks good…but dairy promotes extra cellular growth which is cancer so we’ll go with a big NO and opt for the Americano – black, thank you very much.  And to those bread stuffs winking at me from the glass case? – go f’ yourself.
3. 10:00am stop at Whole Foods for kale I forgot to buy on the weekend.  The bulk food section sure does look nice this morning!  How bad could a few chocolate covered walnuts really be?  Negative.  Not going down that aisle.  Not going near that aisle.  That aisle sucks.  Vegetables and check out.
4. 1:00pm coffee meeting.  “Get whatever you want, how about a scone?”  No thank you, but chocolate sure does look good.  Order coffee and shut up.  No afternoon sugar fix here.  I’ll opt to watch everyone else indulge in their sugar fixes.  Type-II diabetes at 65 anyone?
5. Home at 4pm and STARVING…or just bored?  Grab a light snack but don’t eat the kitchen.  Leave kitchen, do work, play with dogs, fold laundry that I’d rather not.
6. Dinner at 6pm.  Hungry by 8?  Nice thought, but sadly no.

Off to bed…with six good decisions in the bank that result in 23 SOLID hours outside my 1 CrossFit hour.

What do you do to keep your day on track?  Post to comments.