EMOTM for 15 minutes: 
3 DB/KB push up
5 DB/KB power clean
8 DB/KB walking lunges on shoulders

You put in the work on the platforms each week at Oly class. Now come have some fun at a low key but high skill Oly Throwdown on a Tuesday night. Heavy metal included.

Waiting in Line to Vote?  Read the Newsletter! and Check Out the In-House Oly Meet

The November Newsletter hits email inboxes TODAY.  There’s a WEALTH of information in there.  Download it to your iPad, pull it up on your phone, or print it out and take with you to the polls today.  Now that’s some good reading!

AND not included in the newsletter BUT a big deal…

November In-House Oly Throwdown

Date: Tuesday, November 20th
Time: 6:00PM 
Warm up and check-in starts at 5:30pm
Cost: FREE (open to Roots members only) 
Registration:  Open now through Sunday, November 18th.  Spaces limited.

Register if you are able! This meet will be fun and “low key.” Classes will be going on and music will be playing. We will have judges and taped off platforms, judges, and weigh-ins like a normal meet.