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Show No Mercy

Hold up!  Welcome to 2013.  As you sit at the breakfast table reading this post, let’s make sure that what goes into you pie hole isn’t pie.

The holidays are over and so is crappy eating.  It’s time to rid your house of evil – holiday food crap, that is.  

That’s right, get rid of all of the crap that entered your house over the holidays that is now lingering – mocking you at every passage saying, “you said you wouldn’t eat me yesterday, but you did, what’s one more day?” Dont’ fool yourself, you won’t save it for another “special occasion,” you won’t exhibit self control miraculously on January 1st – you’ll eat every last one of those gluten-free oatmeal bites or grandma’s pound cake and then while you had resolved to get back on the wagon January 1, it will become January 13.

So here’s the plan. Throw out the holiday candy and don’t eat any last bites while you kick it to the curb.  Get rid of the grain based foods you bought for the special occasion of Christmas morning or a family breakfast.  Toss out the holiday themed Lucky Charms, the fudge, the ice cream that went with the holiday pie that is now gone, the stuffing, the holiday care packages filled with crackers, chips, fruit and nut bars, and sugar coated almonds.

Show no mercy!

Ok, doesn’t that feel better?

Now, take all of the items outside and empty them into the middle of your street.  Light a match and set the pile on fire.  Dance around it and if the mood strikes you, chant “meat & vegetables, nuts & seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar!” over and over until the sugar caramelizes on your street.  

I would imagine that at some point over the past week you ate something you didn’t really want to or ate in excess – I did.  The good news is that you know how to fix the situation.  You toss out the crap, you shop for good food, you prep for the week – and you start.

It seems that for most, the biggest challenge is simply to start. A first attempt becomes a second becomes a third and then we’re left frustrated and tired of the cycle.

The first step is to start. Start today. Do it. Now. Stop reading this post and go make good decisions about your food.

And welcome to 2013!