For time:
75 Handstand push-ups
At the beginning of each minute perform 20 Double-unders.

Do any of these items look familiar?  Be sure to check out the Lost & Found table before Sunday!

Do any of these items look familiar? Be sure to check out the Lost & Found table before Sunday!

Event Reminders, SFH Pre-Order, and Lost & Found!

Don’t miss out!  Details below on the Chicks Only Happy Hour, SFH Pre-Order, and Valentine’s Day WOD.  And, don’t forget to take home your Lost & Found items by SUNDAY.  All items will go to GoodWill on Monday morning.
Chicks Only Happy Hour – TONIGHT!
Ladies!  Don’t forget, tonight is the Roots Chicks Only Happy Hour!  Come join the female coaching staff at The Kitchen Next Door from 4:30-6:30pm for the second (after a long time) Chick Only night.
Stronger, Faster, Healthier Pre-Order – now through Wednesday!
Stronger, Faster, Healthier (SFH) makes fantastic high quality fish oil and whey protein powders.  The green bottles and packages you see on the shop shelves.

Are we recommending you take fish oil?  Well, we’re not doctors, but we think fish oil is probably the single best supplement for EVERY athlete.

In addition, the SFH line of whey protein powders is top notch, coming from grass fed/grass finished cows.  Are we recommending you start taking protein powder?  Well, yes, if that’s the best option you have in a specific circumstance.  We think that real food provides the absolute best recovery meal on the planet; however, there are times when stomaching real food just isn’t a possibility or the on-the-go lifestyle presents refueling challenges.  Rather than going without that post workout recovery meal, whey protein powder is a fantastic solution.

We do our best to have a lot of those products available on hand for our athletes but we offer it more as a convenience rather than a guarantee.  What does that mean?  If you really want SFH products, please pre-order.

The SFH pre-order will run through WEDNESDAY.  Order forms are available at the shop and should be turned in at the front desk.

February 14th – Valentine’s Day Couple’s WOD, 6pm
You love CrossFit and you love your spouse!  Or is that out of order?  Either way, the annual Valentine’s Day Roots Couples Workout is BACK. This event is open to couples who are both members at Roots.