2013 CrossFit Games Regional Event 6

For time:
100 Double-unders
50 Handstand push-ups
40 Toes-to-bar
160 pound Shoulder to overhead, 30 reps
90 foot Walking lunge with 160 pound barbell in front rack

A Physical Education in Naperville

Naperville Central teachers believe exercise will get kids fit and improve their learning and academics.  They put this belief to the test when they took kids who struggled in reading and math and started their day with exercise.

For these kids, their day started at 7:45am in the gym and followed with the two classes in which they struggled the most.

Before you judge the ellipticals and type of exercise (I did, just a little bit:) realize that any form of exercise is more beneficial than no exercise at all.  And sure, a CrossFit-type exercise program might offer them even more benefits but the same concepts apply.

In the six years since the program began, the results have been staggering.  On average, kids who signed up for the program read 1/2 year ahead of those who opted out.  In math, kids in the program improved 2-4x more than their peers on standardized tests.

Does your kids have PE in school?  Post to comments.