The 12 Days of CrossFit Roots
1 – rope climb
2 – bar muscle-up
3 – 33m run
4 – handstand push-up
5 – overhead squat (95/65)
6 – burpee box jumps (up and over)
7 – KB swings (24/16)
8 – hang power clean (135/95)
9 – toes-2-bar
10 – wall ball
11 – hand release push-up
12 – pistol


Sorry Santa, there’s a new sled in town.


On the First Day of CrossFit Roots, My Coaches Gave to Me…

Back for it’s fifth consecutive year, the 12 Days of CrossFit Roots!

Not sure about one of the movements?  Not sure you can do something listed?  Don’t worry!  We’ll have all the subs, scales, and modifications ready to go so you get to experience this yearly treat!

And you complete the workout just like the song…

On the second day of CrossFit Roots, my coaches gave to me, 2 bar muscle-ups and a rope climb.  On the third day you would proceed just like the song 3-2-1, all the way through to 12-11-10…3-2-1.

Have fun!