This is the last workout for the September benchmarks!  Record it!

Every year Wilder shares apples from his trees during the fall.  Check out the bag at the shop!

Every year Wilder shares apples from his trees during the fall. Check out the bag at the shop!

Getting Reps Just Below Your Technique Ceiling

When talking about the Olympic lifts and gaining proficiency in them, Ryan often talks about the technique ceiling, opposed to a strength ceiling.

Picture this scenario.  You’re in class and working up to a 3 rep max power clean.  You do your first couple of sets and then your elbows start to break early on the third set, but you still complete all three lifts and get them to your shoulder.  A coach comes by and gives you a cue for how to fix it.  You listen and try with all of your focus to accomplish the lifts without pulling early.  But it happens again.  You go down in weight, and just by five pounds, and voila, it’s fixed!  So you go up those five pounds again, and the coach walks over to you and says, “You’re pulling early again.”

What the heck coach!?  It’s just five pounds and I’m still making the lift!

Ever been in this situation?  You’ve reached your technique ceiling.  The maximum weight that you can lift with good form.  Any more weight on the bar and while you can still accomplish the task, the way in which you did it will not progress you in the long run.

And the key to that last statement is “in the long run.”  We can accomplish the work in many ways, but there are fewer ways in which the work done on that day will propel us further in the years to come.

Listening to your technique ceiling requires a lot of listening to your brain and ego.  If your brain is telling you not to go up, but your ego is telling you that it’s ok, that is a great time to recognize the situation and work technique.

Today when you deadlift, listen to your body, brain, and ego and if a new 3 rep max with great form is not in the tank today, take pride in working your technique ceiling for the day.

How do you manage your brain and ego?  Post to comments.