5 rounds:
Run 200m
3 rope climb
Skills test for October.

All-4-One – (She’s Got) Skillz by Jefe86

Skillz – The Benchmarks

First off, how cool was All-4-One?  Remember 1994?  Yea, they were hot for 2 months that summer, I swear.  But let’s talk Skillz.

Last month when we dropped the massive benchmark test plan for the next year, we also included five skills.  Those five skills were selected because they show up in the Open every year and it benefits us all to get better at them.  Rope climbs?  Ok maybe they don’t show up in the Open, but who doesn’t want to get better at climbing a rope?!

Below are the following five skill tests that you’ll see pop up every three months over the next year.

Rope Climb
5 rounds:
Run 200m
3 rope climb

Chest-to-Bar Pull-up
Death by chest-to-bar pull-ups.  One on the minute, two on the two, three on the three, for as long as you can go.

One attempt at a max set of toes-to-bar

Handstand Push-ups
Max kipping handstand push-ups in 2:00 minutes.

50 wallballs for time