In the world of eating clean, there’s a pretty simple process to build healthy, balanced, and tasty meals. It goes like this…

Select a protein, add a dense carb, add some green vegetables and then mix in a delicious sauce. 

Boulder Kitchen Collective does the trick with their four amazing sauces. When we say amazing, we’re not just putting some bold words down on paper – we mean like OMG are you kidding these are so damn tasty!

So, give them a whirl here, and see below for those important macro numbers!

Kale Basil Pesto (1 TBS)
Carbs 0.5g (6%) . Fat 3.82g (90%) . Pro 0.34g (4%)
Chimichurri (1 TBS)
Carbs .63g (5%) . Fat 5.28g (94%) . Pro 0.16g (1%)
Romesco (1 TBS)
Carbs 2.94g (22%) . Fat 4.16g (71%) . Pro 0.85g (7%)
Marinara (8 oz)
Carbs 22.56g (65%) . Fat 8.6g (25%) . Pro 3.3g (10%)


Photo credit: Jen Kievet